Travis Peak Resources, LLC is an Austin based oil and gas exploration and production company established in November 2013. Our plan is to build an attractive portfolio of oil and high-value gas assets in both conventional and unconventional plays. We will execute an “acquire and exploit” strategy and “fast follower” approach, which will include acquisitions, joint ventures, and grassroots leasing programs.

Areas of emphasis and opportunity generation include:

Travis Peak is focused on building a strong team consisting of people with the right experiences, skills, and attitudes and a shared commitment to one another. We believe people are the difference makers. Travis Peak employs a multi-disciplined team including geology, engineering, finance, and land.

EnCap Investments

Travis Peak partnered with EnCap Investments, LP in November 2013. Since 1988, EnCap Investments has been the leading provider of private equity to the independent sector of the U.S. oil & gas industry. The firm has raised 17 institutional oil and gas investment funds totaling approximately $18 billion and currently manages capital on behalf of more than 250 U.S. and international investors. EnCap has consistently generated superior returns across multiple industry and hydrocarbon price cycles by applying a lower-risk, disciplined philosophy that balances capital preservation and value creation.